I need help with understanding what have been done with my OG XBOX

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I need help with understanding what have been done with my OG XBOX

Post by ALMMIRON »

I've just bought from a Guy who doesn't know nothing. So I want to figure it out.


1. First thing, by the look of it, and confirmed in the system dash, it is 1.6 mobo. So, no removing any capacitors, right?

2. I have opened it and it have a aladin chip installed (It means that is hardmoded, right? the light on the chip are red on, but no watermark on splash screen)

3. it came with xbmc, but not the good one (xbmc4gamers). I don't know how to change the default dash.

4. Hdd partitions is strange to understand: there's a games folders on f:. On g: have nothing, and 200gb free that i can't use. In xbox360rgh I configure freestyledash to look into specific folders. In ogxbox is the same? i can have 2+ game folder locations? ANy naming schemes or folder structures?

5. Well, I tried to find default xbe that load the xbmc, changed the file for my shortcut maked one with the xbe shortcut maker, and the xbox didn't boot anymore, error 21.

6. Strange is: I've used fatxplorer to connect hdd on my windows, found the file I had changed, and replaced by the original, but xbox boot turns out damn slow. I dont know if is the cheap ide/sata adapter, or corrupted dash.

7. I'm downloading hexen disc to try boot from there, i hope it works. I will try install dash from the disc.

8. well, suceeded in booting, hexen disc. I want to reformat/clean the whole HDD, and put my own games and apps/emulators in xbmc4gamers. How to do it without breaking my console?

For me, anyone who can use equivalents to explain how things work here, it can be easy. I'm used to modding terms on the wii, 3ds, switch, wiiU and x360.

I took the risc to assume that is a hardmoded xbox. I've got trough using hexen> new hard disk, formating c, e, f.

Then it returned back to hexen disc menu, copying files from disc to c: but got stuck on 48%....for about an hour, so a gave up and turned off.

Now xbox wont boot, giving me error 13/14

Iv'e seen that evox logo never appeared before. I dont know if the chip installed and lighst on, is indeed in use...

I bought an original dvd with live enabled game (madden 07), to see if i can recover dashboard, because hexen does not auto load anymore: error first. Will wait some days to original game arrive, but if any alternative existe, please let me know.
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Re: I need help with understanding what have been done with my OG XBOX

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Too many questions to answer at one time:-

1). If XBMC dash says it is a v1.6 it is but clock cap replacement is recommended if the date is not being retained for a reasonable amount of time, say 12 hours unplugged. Of course if there is evidence of leakage or bulging then replace it and any other dodgy caps likewise.

My take on the clock cap in any Xbox is if it is not suspect leave it alone. If it is then with a v1.6 it MUST be replaced you can not just remove it.

2). Sounds like the Aladdin chip is/was working if the LED is on. It depends how it was installed but the Aladdin chips have two boot options:-

Off - Tap the powerbutton and the Xbox starts as normal with the original BIOS.
On - Press and hold powerbutton for 1 second and the Aladdin XT PLUS2 is activated.

You could be lucky in that you're now accidentally booting the original BIOS ie. the MS dash. That would explain why it is not showing the pink/purple Evox logo top left of the screen. But it could also be that the BIOS was edited to remove the logo. Impossible to know without access to the bios.bin itself.

If the chip is working and enabled and you can boot original game discs (proving the DVD drive doesn't have problem) then you should be able to cold boot a HeXEn or AID disc and install a new dash. Alternatively you would be able to drop in an empty, new HDD and use either disc to format it and install a dash.

My thought would be to do the latter anyway rather than faff around trying to fix an installation you did not do yourself, set up who knows how and then subject to whatever has been done to it since.

You can set up the HDD as you want with, eventually, XBMC4Gamers as your main dash. Please use YT or other tutorials for that.

However all this requires that the chip is working or can be made to work.
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