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openxenium help

Post by scroeffie »

iam installed the modchip in my softmodded 1.6 xbox and it wont boot ,the chip turns on red led
but the xbox turns off on 3 times than nothing
i chekked continuity and all is good
dont know what to do ,before the chip the xbox worked fine
i used this guide ... 2358354378

reddit link to fotos ... nium_help/
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Re: openxenium help

Post by professor_jonny »

you have likely missoldered something on the lpc board, or solder splater somewhere on th e motherboard.

if you remove d0 connection to ground it should boot the original bios if not you need to check your soldering and hope something is not broken now.

i dont like qsb's id go for a wire lpc rebuild.

Also I reecomend installing the current limiting resistor on a 1.6 as explained in the below link: ... ll_1.6.asp
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