Just got my hands on a classic Xbox - looking for some advice

If you need any help with XBMC4XBOX, such as installing or using the software, please post it in here.
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Just got my hands on a classic Xbox - looking for some advice

Post by Avalari »

Hi all,

recently I've felt a need to play one of my favorite franchise once again, which is Timesplitters :D
I've got my hands on a copy of 2 and FP and afterwards bought a used Xbox.

The console is moded, currently on:
- BIOS: Xecuter2 5035 v1-5
- XBMC4Xbox r26941
- MPlayer XBMC-SVN-r1739

My question is - what is the most up to date XBMC etc. I can put on it without any issues. Are any more modern looking interfaces possible?

*if it matters console boots straight to XBMC bypassing original interface.
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Re: Just got my hands on a classic Xbox - looking for some advice

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

On the (i) information screen (click down on the right stick to bring up the shutdown menu which with many skins includes that) it should show the specific XBMC version at the bottom in front of the revision number.

The current, likely final, XBMC is v3.5.3, on the Xbox I've just checked it is shown as revision version r33027. So your XBMC version is probably quite old. If it is not a v3.00 series there could be problems with certain skin versions if you update it but if you're using the default Project Mayhem III or PM3 (the HD version) you should be good.

But the sensible thing is just to test it first - find a download for XBMC v3.5.3 and install it as an app and try launching it from there. If all is OK then you can update your current installation without much risk.

XBMC skins control how it looks and the GUI more than any other dashboard. So look for alternative XBMC4Xbox skins (not Kodi skins which you might be direct too instead) and again do not install them directly test them on your app installed XBMC version first.

Confluence and Confluence Lite are often found included in many XBMC downloads so presumably popular. There's JX-720 an updated MC360 type skin which uses a XB360 console blade dash design. Origins is quite popular now too.

Some skins that have not been updated may have problems with v3.0 series XBMC but there are plenty of others. I use the Xbox Classic skin which was updated by one of the guys here so look for the v2.00 of that. Its not perfect but I've always liked its nod to the look of the original Xbox dash. Other skins to search for are Rapier, Ellipsis, Basics, Alaska, MediaStream, Clearity, Night, Transparency. There are many more, if you can still find them.
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Re: Just got my hands on a classic Xbox - looking for some advice

Post by GoTeamScotch »

r26941 is quite an old build. You should upgrade. Boot into a different dashboard (other than XBMC), then rename your current XBMC folder (or delete it entirely), and copy a new build into the path where your old XBMC folder was located. Unofficial builds can be found in this thread: Unofficial Builds: 3.5.3 + Nightly r33032

Confluence lite is my personal go-to skin. You might also be interested in Rocky5's mod XBMC4Gamers. He added some neat features for organizing games.
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