1.0 FRAG - PSU?

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1.0 FRAG - PSU?

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I have a 1.0 (originally had the GPU fan) which is now fragging. A few weeks ago, around the Christmas break, it did the same a couple of times, but would eventually boot up. But now on power up, flash green,fan on/off, flash green, fan on/off, flash red/green continuously, fan on, and hard drive spins up, but no video.

I have a second prepared hard drive for this unit, but same issue.

Clock capacitor was removed about 10 years ago, it had leaked, but the mess was cleaned up, and there is no visible damage to the board. No bulging or leaking caps near the CPU or on the PSU.

However, the voltages on the PSU are a bit off for the 12V (11.49V) and the white wire (Power on) which is supposed to be 3.3V, but is only 2.54V.

The other 3.3V are around 3.27V, and the 5V is 4.98V, so they should be ok.

Could either the below spec 12V or Power On voltages cause the Xbox to FRAG? Do the chips involved in startup (TSOP/BIOS) use the 12V?
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