Motherboard/Power Board Screws

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Motherboard/Power Board Screws

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Does anyone here know exactly what the screw size/type are used for the 13 screws which secure the Xbox MB (motherboard) and PB (power-board)? I've asked around in other forums and the only suggestion I've had so far is that they might be MS custom screws.

Obviously they're Torx10 with what are called, depending on preference: domed, button or pan heads. However I've had a great difficulty actually identifying the screw length, diameter and, most importantly, the thread type/pitch.

Some sources say they're M3 (metric 3mm) but I'm pretty sure they're not; the thread is not the same as any other confirmed M3 PC screw types I have. The thread is more like a UNC type than metric.

The screw length is also open to question: using a steel rule it is difficult to tell if it is 8mm, 3/10", 7/24". Neither of the latter make any sense as they're not recognised Imperial/US screw lengths. I'm not even sure 8mm is an accurate enough measurement to the degree required for precise identification.

Appreciate any knowledgeable help on this.
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