YouTube 3.3.0 does not work

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Re: YouTube 3.3.0 does not work

Post by mambo30 »

I am so mad at myself!!!!!!!!!!!!! no it didnt work, i mean i get ftp access when im in the krazie tools, and i can see xbmc 3.2.1 stable on e\ , i can see unleash x, and the rest of the softmod files. can i copy files from my unmoded xbox to the locked up one?
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Re: YouTube 3.3.0 does not work

Post by whufclee »

Ok I'm a little confused now, can I just clarify a couple of things...

You can access krayzies tools - how are you managing this, are you managing to get a boot disc loaded? If you can get a boot disc loaded up then just re-do the softmod, like I said earlier I would highly recommend using HeXEn - it will stop anything like this happening again in the future.

If you're getting ftp access then that's a very good thing, means your xbox is still modded but maybe you've deleted the boot file which tells it where the dashboard is. Running HeXEn would fix this, if you don't have HeXEn just use whatever disc you used in the past to do the softmod (AID, Slayers, SID etc.).

As for your power supply, different models have different psu's so you'd have to be very lucky for it to work.
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Re: YouTube 3.3.0 does not work

Post by not2fly4awg »

The current YouTube plug in. Is not showing up as a installed plug in after successful installation. The plugin install on the Xbox just fine then it seems like it is not there. Any ideas?
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