Fastpasstv T3?

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Fastpasstv T3?

Post by ckinberger »

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get FastpassTV T3 working. I tried installing (3.1.1 I think) from a Mediafire link which did not work. I've tried installing by the Fusion Easy Addon method which isn't working either (ver 1.6.1?). I just keep getting a Script Error message when I try to open the addon.

I've gotten this far from reading forum posts on XBMCHUB. I am under the impression that the addon is no longer being updated by Bluetendes?

Whufclee mentioned streaming it on Navi-X but it didn't come up on a search, of course this was on Tuesday and they're in the middle of getting their own server.

Not sure what to do at this point. I really liked having that addon so I could keep up to date on some shows that aren't available through IceFilms.
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Re: Fastpasstv T3?

Post by skatulskijean »

blutende have not update the addon and it will not work!
Lee can nothing do that is will work!
Wait on my Jan'sEnglishXBMC4XBOX V.2 that have 1 Channel , Icfilms (original addon) and many more Addons up to date with Main XBMC (Eden)!
That works then i have the dependiencies for xbmc4xbox adapted (urlresolver and many more)
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Re: Fastpasstv T3?

Post by Kozz »

Dont know if you guys remember this but it was posted on the xbmchub's old forums, you wont find it if you just look in their new forum you need to go into their Archive Forums link from the blog page.

Anyways hers the last version of FastPassTV T3 that was made to work on xbox, I havnt tried it myself in a little while but last time I checked it was working on xbox, maybe someone can confirm this

Heres the link to the original topic and download ... f=17&t=225
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Re: Fastpasstv T3?

Post by whufclee »

I'm fairly certain the Fastpasstv addon hasn't been working for some months now Kozz.

I can confirm the fastpasstv scraper on Navi-X is still working great as I watched 2 episodes of Eureka on it last night. If you're using my playlist as your Navi-X homepage (if you installed via XAI then that's set as home by default) then you'll find fastpasstv in the "Movies/TV Shows" section. Just make sure you're using a lite skin and not the original Confluence.
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