Face Mask Machine factory

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Face Mask Machine factory

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The KN95 and N95 mask machine, produced by Dongguan Pengrui Electronic technology Co., Ltd. , is composed of non woven roll rack and forming system. The forming system includes embossing, pressing, cutting and conveying.The rollers on the rack can be adjusted to match the forming system. The machine has high efficiency and less waste, which steadily speeds up the collection and conveying of the mask body. The rack and forming system matching nose bridge.

Detailed Images
1.Automatic counting, which can effectively control production efficiency and production progress.
2.Variable frequency control can adjust the running speed of the equipment according to the actual needs.
3.The equipment is highly automated, with low requirements for operating staff, it only needs to place and finish the finished products.
4.Modularization, humanized design and maintenance convenience.

Product Features
1. Cutting roller
We use the chrome steel to cover the rubber roller both sides .So that the rubber is not crack from side after extended periods use.
2. Traction roller
We use the silicone rubber materials instead of the butyronitrile materials .The silicone rubber materials is good abrasion
resistance and will not crack
3. PLC touch screen
We use DELTA group brand PLC touch screen .
4. Mask nose strip tension controller
We use Mask nose strip tension controller .This device can avoid the nose strip differ in length .
5. Nose strip straight- feeding device
We use Nose strip straight- feeding device , It can ensure the nose strip be feeded straightly in the processing, so the finished
mask will be flat and artistic.
7. Non woven raw materials sensors
We use Non woven raw materials sensors,once the raw materials use up,machine will stop automatically
8. Raw materials tension controller 1
We use the Raw materials tension controller to avoid the materials plugging .
9. Raw materials tension controller 2
Our machine is equipped with two braking ways . One is belts pressing and another is screw fixing . You could choose either one or use both according to your need.
10. Raw materials EPC device
We use raw materials EPC device ,to do materials adjustment.
11. Machine door lock
We just door lock ,with out the key,worker can not start the machine.
12. Frequency converter
We use DELTA group brand frequency converter .
13. Machine body and materials feeding connect board,We connect Machine body and material feeding frame with connecting boards,so that the running of whole machine will be very
14. Electrostatic eliminator
In our machine we have one electrostatic eliminator . to eliminate non woven mask surface static.
15. Machine motor
Our geared motor is new type and no need refuel.
We install the fan near the ultrasonic horn ,to Lower the horn temperatures,to to extend ultrasonic life.

Machine Packing and delivery:
1. Each flow packing machine has 2 pkg,gross weight 450kg-700kg;about 2.5-5.0Cbm
2. Nearest Seaport:Ningbo Port
3.Delivery Time:within 7-15 days

Why Choose US:
1.Expert in packing; Be packaging expert
2.Smart packing solution;Excellent packaging innovation.
3.Reliable Packing Machine Manufacturer ;Always your trustworthy partner
4.Mutual trust;Mutual benefitFace Mask Machine factory
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