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DVD drive problems on XBMC4Xbox under titan patched evox m8+ with UDMA5 enabled

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2023 8:04 am
by webodan
has anyone had the same issues I have? the DVD drive under standard XBMC and other apps fails to detect DVDs (always shows as empty), this is hinted in Titan's readme on its github, but it's a software problem -- it should be fixable, for example XBMC4Gamers has it fixed, but it can't play media in any way! is there any way we can obtain the same version of the source code that XBMC4Gamers uses and have it in a normal XBMC4Xbox version that can play multimedia? i'm one of the few weirdos that still uses his Xbox to watch movies and shows, cuz it gives an amazingly crisp, bright and clear image over RGB! so this DVD problem is a major bummer that I'd LOVE someone could have a fix for!

Could someone here please go check the source code and hopefully fix this? I've been using a version of XBMC4Xbox that had subtitles fixed (in the very last subtitles inside MKVs and MP4s do not work. I can post the version that I have so hopefully, someone here can just fix this DVD race condition annoyance fixed, which I'd REALLY appreciate! thanks in advance!)

Re: DVD drive problems on XBMC4Xbox under titan patched evox m8+ with UDMA5 enabled

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2023 3:21 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
Most problems with Xbox DVD drives have nothing to do with the software.

As that link states:-
It's possible the DVD drive is starting to fall out of spec (failing) but will require more investigation.
Generally its the laser that is dying, losing power and not being able to read any disc media. Generally original game discs and audio CDs will play OK initially but burned discs start to have problems. Laser 'pot' adjustment may help but it is a dark art and can reduce the life of the laser quicker, apparently.

Good info on how to adjust the laser 'pot' is also thin on the ground for some DVD drive makes too.

More serious electrical/component problems with Xbox DVD drives are also reported where they stop being recognised as being attached at all. This is is big problem for softmods; TSOPs and chip machines usually now routinely run BIOS which bypass the otherwise mandatory DVD drive check.