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What software do I need to get things working again?

Posted: Sat Jul 09, 2022 5:27 pm
by bobafett
I've got an old (v1.1 I think) Xbox which had a Xenium chip installed years ago. I've just pulled it out of the loft and - to my shock - everything still works.

But all the software, bioses, and stuff are severely out of date. And all the links I had from 2010 no longer work.

Is there a list of stuff which I should be flashing to get things updated?

I've set it to NTSC and it displays XBMC in 720p and games in 576i. Optical out works so I'm getting DD audio. But obviously missing lots of newer codecs etc. Is there a guide for getting the most out of this old dog?


Re: What software do I need to get things working again?

Posted: Sun Jul 10, 2022 3:49 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
Why you're getting XBMC in 720p but games in 576i is a XBMC settings issue is..............odd. The console must be set to NTSC and you be using a Component connection to be offered 720p for the dash display.

So why you're not using the noticeably superior 480p option for games I don't understand. AFAIK there should not even be a 576i display option when using a NTSC set console whether it was originally PAL or not.

Most PAL games include 480p support and there's a long term project to get more Xbox games working at 720p and/or true WS too.

Whether you need to update XBMC: if it is not at least a v3.0 series installation then it definitely needs updating to the latest version: v3.5.3.

Whatever BIOS you're using I doubt there much reason to update it. Evox M8+ and the other commonly used Xecuter and INDBios BIOS versions haven't had much done to them that is vital. About the only important recommendation now is that the BIOS support the "No DVD" check as Xbox DVD drive failure is unfortunately increasingly an issue. But even that is not a new BIOS feature.