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Dumb ass engineer screws up og xbox pls help (the shame)

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2022 1:43 pm
by masterbateson71
Im quite embarassed to have to admit this, but im finding some of this modding stuff quite difficult dispite being an electrical/electronic engineer and have worked as a technician a various roles for over 30 years.
Maybe its my age?

I have got myself in a jam, I wanted to remove xbmc emustation and go back to unleash (sorry) but i was struggling to get emustation to work.
Ive ended up with the Fatal error msg.

Further more prior to this, i have been struggling to make a ISO image of extras disc.

everytime ive downloaded it from git hub 613mb, when i try to unzip it i get an error msg from winzip?
also if i try to make an ISO image and open zip file with imgburn or similar the folder appears to be empty?

what am i doing wrong?

from the XBMC Fatal error screen, can i just drag and drop something to rescue this from pcp using FTP client.

I want to weep!!!! :oops:
Paul B aka Masterbateson

Re: Dumb ass engineer screws up og xbox pls help (the shame)

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2022 7:26 pm
by drageset
No need to be embarrassed. What's easy for you is probably tricky for me.
Do you have a modchipped/TSOPed Xbox, or is it a softmod?
If it's a modchipped/TSOPed one you should be able to boot easily from a setup disc, so let's get you sorted out on burning the CD/DVD.
- First, I recommend you stay away from using Winzip (That's probably a big give-away of your age, the fact you're still using Winzip ;) ). Use a free alternative like 7-zip when unpacking zip/rar-files.
- Now, the best setup disc these days seems to be OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4, although it might be a bit overkill for what you need. Anyway, download it (Google is your friend for finding it), I'm sure you'll find it useful.
- Extract "OGXBox Installer 2021 - v1.5.4.rar" using 7-zip (
- Once extracted you can burn the ISO-file to a DVD using in-built features of Windows 11 (Right-click on the file, Show More Options, Burn Disc Image). If you don't have Windows 11, use ImgBurn as previously. Just make sure you're not trying to make an ISO-file, you're simply writing/burning the pre-made one ( ... s#isowrite)

Boot your Xbox with the newly burned DVD (it's going to take some time for it to load), and select menu option 4.3.3 to install Unleash-X as your default dashboard.

Hope this helps.

Re: Dumb ass engineer screws up og xbox pls help (the shame)

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 12:42 pm
by masterbateson71
Thanks very much for the reply/info.

I have 7zip and winrar also/already, despite my decrepit age :lol:

Just found out there is a slight fly in my ointment, in as much as when i fished out my laptops DVD drive, i found out its only a ROM :roll:

so untill i can sort something out I cant burn a disc.

I was kinda hoping I could FTP the missing files to the HDD or boot from my Memory stick, i was hoping like when ive recovered a pc b4 using a recovery image on a usb drive.
Guess Xbob doesnt play like that.

suppose im going to have to find somewhere to burn a disc, annoying thing is Ive several old full size dvd re writers kicking about in the attic.

Thanks again for help, will sort disc out 1st b4 i try anything else.

Re: Dumb ass engineer screws up og xbox pls help (the shame)

Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2022 4:12 pm
by masterbateson71
Just thought I'd add some other info.
Preety sure i know exactly how this happened.
was in emustation at time and wanted to go back to using unleash.

Before i did this i went online to see how i could do this, and read a post which suggested it was as easy as deleting the emustation folder.

I was a bit sceptical, and also worried as i was already in emustation, and thought (if i delete this folder is it not going to cause me any probs??)
seems i was right to worry about this.

I thought it would be possible to swap between emustation and another dashboard?
bit like dual boot?