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Games went missing form UI

Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2021 6:34 am
by odupike599
I had some corrupted files that wouldnt transfer through FTP completely. It was showing "missing artwork" boxes on these files in the UI. I was attempting to remove the files completely and get them off the UI and I hit an option that was "remove source." After I did this all games were removed from the UI, but are still showing on my HDD. How do I get the games to show back up on the UI? Also I just thought i found a solution by pressing B it brought me up to a screen with a few of the "missing artwork" icons. I pressed the white button on the one that was listed as "add source" I added the F:/Games file as the source thinking that would generate a path for the UI to reload the games, but not when the system boots up it gets to the loading screen and freeze. Thank you for your help.