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mixing power supply units

Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 4:56 am
by Vodkanakas
We had a power outage and after it was over my xbox said goodby... well the power supply did. So i went to order this power supply for my 1.6 xbox ... 223&page=1
thinking "you know maybe the picture was wrong or maby it comes with an adapter. after all they have 2 different selections one for 1-6 and one for 1.6." After recieving it it ended up being exactly like the picture a psu for a 1.2-1.5. After calling and emailing he insists that the guides provided from all xbox forums ive found is wrong and that psu is for my board. Is there something this guy knows that this community dont about the power supplies? or is this guy just out of his mind? cause at this point im not sure if i want to even put it in a 1.4 board to test if it even works.