Modchip over softmod

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Modchip over softmod

Post by moreno9 »

I got an 1.6 xbox softmoded and I want to install an aladdin chip. Is there any possibility Softmod interfeer with modchip?

Am I good to install the chip?
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Re: Modchip over softmod

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Yes but I hope you understand that to fit a chip to the v1.6 you need to rebuild the LPC (Low Pin Count). Its a typically unhelpful name for the 16 hole connection mount on the MB which allows additional devices ie. a chip in this case to be attached, usually with a pin-header.

With the v1.6 MB MS removed some key connections which a chip installer has to reinstate. There are other v1.6 specific modifications recommended too.

You need some Kynar 30awg wire or buy a MB v1.6 adapter mount. Aladdin chips are not normally supplied with a v1.6 adapter.

The softmod shouldn't interfere but it does depend on the softmod used. It might even allow you to boot to a working main dash without having to install a dedicated chip friendly dash.

However most install the softmod dash to E:\ or a dedicated folder on E:\ - no problems. However if you leave the C:\ drive as is your new chips BIOS will look for a main dash XBE there first.

I don't not have a copy of the EvoxM8+ v1.6 installed on Aladdin chips, it may vary too but in general EvoxM8+ looks for C:\evoxdash.xbe first if it does not find it the 2nd and 3rd dash XBEs you simply will not have so it'll try to launch C:\xboxdash.xbe as in a retail or non-softmod that will be the MS dash.

With a softmod it has been retasked and when it tries to launch that you'll get a blank screen. The MS dash, if present, will be another XBE on C:\.

For this reason you will need to install a dedicate chipped C:\drive from disc or by another method. It re-installs a retail MS C:\dash but with an additional modded main dash XBE of your choice as C:\evoxdash.xbe.

Softmod gone, however your E:\evoxdash.xbe will still work because the dash XBE is a standalone launcher.

Therefore it can be left where it is and if you want to the EvoxM8+ BIOS can actually be edited with the EVTool to use it as second choice.

Re-flashing the chip is a always a slightly risky if simple enough business but I'd suggest doing this at some point anyway. The EvoxM8+ BIOS that came with my Aladdin which I assume is typical was not the best. IMHO is utterly pointless it having two alternative boot paths as safety nets which are not there. So if you want to install a better EvoxM8+ v1.6 BIOS you can change one of the alternative boot paths at the same time to launch your old softmod installed dash from E:\ if that is where it is. The 3rd path is up to you to decide.
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