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Edit: ANY help with ROCKY5 please!

Posted: Wed May 27, 2020 12:35 am
by Kevin G.
Hey everyone. Hope this gets some attention...things are pretty bleak around here.

I had decided recently, after being out of the game for quite a few dig out my old softmod 1.4 (Hexen disc, and updated several times, finally with the last iteration of XBMC with Dom's Origin on it for the dash). I enjoy tinkering, and had installed ZSNEXBOX 3.5 as well for my daughter and my (then) 9 year old son. He's now 14, and loves all things Xbox. I have dusted off this old beast, upgraded with Rocky5 upgrade tool on the disc.

After watching several videos, and tutorials, have decided upon XBMCEmustation as my main front end, and have had nothing but trouble since. I was finally able to install one of the XBMCE pre-build as the dashboard via FTP, as doing so with the disc returned an error, every time. (Also did the same with Xbmc4Xbox installing as dash...) both would run as an application, but neither as a dashboard.

I updated the downloader, downloaded a couple things, refreshed the menu, and no emulators appeared to populate at all. I put a ROM and several Emulators on my PC, FTP'd them over and refreshed...nothing. Any of the downloaded .zip did not show up anywhere that I could find. (though they said were installed successfully....) I had moved the Emulator/Media/Rom folders to another partition, per the videos, and corrected the file paths via XBMCE "other settings" the files were there, every time I looked. but nothing would populate. Basically, I'm lost.

I'm certain it's something I'm doing...(or NOT doing). but have no clue how to proceed from here. I have since deleted the files that I installed over the weekend, and am at the point that I would just like to make a fresh start, but Rocky5's disc preserves everything from previous versions... I even thought that I would restore to stock, and begin again, but Rocky5 errors out when I do this too...

Looking for any help here, even a video link is fine...Tried Rocky5's videos, but my apologies...I can barely understand anything he says, and the vocal volume is so low on his vids...that it's pretty futile for me to get much out of them.

not sure if XBMC4Gamers is a better choice and just put Emulators in their standard folder structure, and call it good...

Thank you in advance, as always...

Re: XBMCEmustation on Softmodded 1.4

Posted: Sun May 31, 2020 4:38 pm
by Kevin G.
Nobody has set up XBMCEmustation?

Re: Edit: ANY help with ROCKY5 please!

Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2021 5:36 pm
by Kevin G.
Edited for title.

5100 views and no replies?

Now looking for any assistance that can be offered with Rocky5...I have his dash installed and updated per the videos on YT...but that's as far as I can get. I tried and tried to get XBMC working as a dash again, but it always boots back to Rocky5'.

Really looking to get this working again.
I have also tried to install HEXEN latest one more time, and it appears to work...but wen I restart it boots back to Rocky5. I'm lost.

I would prefer to wipe all old builds and begin again, but am afraid to delete via FTP, in fear of bricking the machine.