Ideas for modern-day applications of XBMC4XBOX?

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Re: Ideas for modern-day applications of XBMC4XBOX?

Post by DivideByZer0 »

I've now got about 10,000 music videos downloaded and I finally got all the *.264 and .VOB files converted into formats playable/watchable on the Xbox, taking up 688 GB total. (i used this method: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=697&start=60#p38403) A lot of them are .mpegs, and look a little grainy on a large HDTV. But, I have these music videos (maybe 70% of them pre-2005), which were originally filmed for, broadcast on, and viewed on CRT TV. So one idea I'm considering is getting a small color CRT that can sit on top of the Xbox and maybe be secured to it, and then connecting it to a half decent set of speakers, that you can then turn on and check out all sorts of old school music videos. The SD resolution and smaller screen would somewhat mitigate the effects of blowing up MPEG-1's to HDTV size, and at SD resolution on a CRT, you could fit much more videos at a time. (not to mention that pre HDTV, basically all music videos were standard aspect ratio) I'm thinking that resized to SD, such a library could probably be cut down to below 500GB, which hopefully gets it within range of "hard drives you have lying around".

The next step is learning some regex stuff to standardize the filenames, and maybe hooking into some kind of media metadata API to tag all the files with what year they are. I'm thinking I'll add an option to the main menu for "MUSIC VIDEOS" (separate from that option available on some skins) that you can pick various groupings from - "All" "1960s" "1970s" "1980s" "1990s" "2000s" "2010s" (based on directory) and then some of the other groupings by genre or artist. These would then run a script that would create a playlist of the appropriate grouping. Of course, the same script trigger could be put in to run it on startup.
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Re: Ideas for modern-day applications of XBMC4XBOX?

Post by mrmajikbus45 »

I use mine to play emulators and other xbox games. A DVD player. That's about all I use it for nowadays. For the Kodi aspects, I use my FireTV since HDMI is standard, and it can handle the HD playback effortlessly.
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Re: Ideas for modern-day applications of XBMC4XBOX?

Post by bellajohn2 »

I FTP'd more zarteoner 1.3, and also updated the dash to the latest version as my nudor file was on the memory stick version behind. Load a new dash, no issue, run Zartioner 1.3 and format F & G to 927.78 x 64 cluster etc. No problem there.
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Re: Ideas for modern-day applications of XBMC4XBOX?

Post by ZombieTech »

Hey guys, first post. In the vein of people talking about transcoding, here's my custom profile for Universal Media Server (a maintained fork of PS3 Media Server). I have it set up to only encode what it absolutely needs to, sd x264 plays perfectly fine without transcoding and I have a billion of them.

Code: Select all

# Profile for Xbox Media Center.
# See DefaultRenderer.conf for descriptions of all the available options.

RendererName = XBMC
RendererIcon = xbmc.png

# ============================================================================
# This renderer has sent the following string/s:
# User-Agent: XBMC/10.0 r35648 (Mac OS X; 11.2.0 x86_64;
# User-Agent: Platinum/, DLNADOC/1.50
# ============================================================================

UserAgentSearch = Neptune|Platinum|XBMC
UpnpDetailsSearch = XBMC Media Center - Media Renderer

# Supported video formats:
Supported = f:avi   w:1024	h:576	m:video/avi
Supported = f:mp4|m4v   w:854	h:480	m:video/mp4
Supported = f:mkv   w:854	h:480	m:video/x-matroska
Supported = f:divx	w:1024	h:576	m:video/avi
Supported = f:flv	m:video/x-flv
Supported = f:mov	m:video/quicktime
Supported = f:mpeg1	m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mpeg2	m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mpegts	m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:mpegps	m:video/mpeg
Supported = f:ogg	m:application/ogg
Supported = f:webm	m:video/webm
Supported = f:wmv	w:1024	h:576	m:video/x-ms-wmv

# Supported audio formats:
Supported = f:mp3   m:audio/mpeg
Supported = f:wma   m:audio/x-ms-wma
Supported = f:flac   m:audio/x-flac

# Supported image formats:
Supported = f:jpg   m:image/jpeg
Supported = f:png   m:image/png
Supported = f:bmp   m:image/bmp
Supported = f:gif   m:image/gif
Supported = f:png   m:image/png

TranscodeAudio = WAV
MediaInfo = true
DefaultVBVBufSize = true
MuxDTSToMpeg = true
MuxH264ToMpegTS = false
H264Level41Limited = true
MaxVideoBitrateMbps = 10
MaxVideoWidth = 1024
MaxVideoHeight = 576

# Supported subtitles formats:
SupportedExternalSubtitlesFormats = SUBRIP,VOBSUB
SupportedInternalSubtitlesFormats = SUBRIP,VOBSUB
Just paste that over the contents of the XBMC.conf file in the renderers folder of your UMS install, and you are ready to go.
You may want to Adjust MaxVideoWidth and MaxVideoHeight, I'm running through s-video to a crt, so I don't notice.

I also use xbmc daily for mythtv. Mythtv 0.26 works with only a few hickups with timezone (I should make a thread once I've actually pin pointed what is going on), but that's probably only useful in Australia where we thankfully still have mpeg2 for all channels.
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