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Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Mon May 31, 2021 10:21 am
by sixties keith
Ok haven't been in the game for years but Ive dusted off my old xbox and computer and im going to have another go.

Having a look there doesn't seem to be any video plugins working these days (Ive a massive folder from my mainline addon compatibly testing days on another now defunct forum so must have a look) i see several music plugins still work which is good to see. we all know the emulators continue to work well so wont mention that here.

Any info on plugins etc from above would be a great help. also whats the state of the likes of the media scrapers etc

I did also test ffmpeg and can confirm on my old computer that the conversion does work i tested with the new godzilla vs kong film and ended up watching the whole thing even though it was meant to be a test.

Im also very interested in the plex program. i made a profile a few years back just as a proof of concept just to show a new profile could be made and the actual plex plugin would pick it up when the xbox was in use however that's as far as i got. i did however come across a few other people working on it and getting results so once i get a chance i will defiantly try this again as it would be handier than converting everything i want specifically for the xbox via ffmpeg.

Hope all members are well and nice to see the old forum still working away in 2021!

Re: Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Mon May 31, 2021 11:01 am
by tx3000
A lot of shit has changed but the community is still the same but more toxic. People involved won't and don't make things easy for those not involved to understand how to set things up and get them working, and are treating any difference of opinion and even facts, as trolling.

The only reason I can get as far as I have, is due to being around in the very early days (and I'm talking before 2008).
All old information that proved who did what and who made things is gone, replaced by current gen information, which the current modding community believes there was never any old information, or that a lot of the current information is brand new (From like 2015).

A lot of things don't even work now, people editing default.xbe's and not sharing the files, people not getting questions answered, or getting information that is so vague, it is better off not being shared.

I've watched over 12 questions that only the people involved in putting this crap together, go unanswered.

The community has actually made modding worse instead of better. A program is only as good as it's instructions, and thee is barely any instructions.

So there it is in a nutshell.

Re: Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 12:16 am
by GoTeamScotch
Hi Keith. Welcome back!

There's a bunch of really cool projects going on right now. It feels like the Xbox is in like a 2nd renaissance.
  • Kekule recently released his work on his Xecuter 3 modchip clone, "R3dux". It aims to be a complete recreation of the infamous X3 chips.
  • MakeMHZ and his internal+digital HDMI adapter is getting updates, and recently got updated to add support for upscaling with interpolation, colorspace + overscan correction options.
  • Ryzee119 has made the OgX360 compatible with Teensy devices, which opens up a lot more possibilities for controller emulation/adapting for Original Xbox.
  • Nemesis is working on his XeniunHUB project, which combines multiple mods (ogx360, Xenium LED, Xerc) into one compact device.
  • Greggory (not sure the guy's last name) is still producing and improving his OLED Xenium chips that combine an OpenXenium modchip with an integrated OLED driver.
  • TEK Nemsis is producing and updating his OgX360 kits, and he recently made a new version that has a built-in relay for switching controller ports between an internally-installed Ogx360 and regular Xbox controllers.
  • There was a new easter egg that was revealed 2 weeks ago, which has caused a spur of activity around the remaining easter egg. More info here.
  • The Original Xbox emulator, Xemu, has audio support now, and has recently been updated with graphical and performance fixes.
There's more, but that's just the stuff off the top of my head that's going on these days. My point is that there's a lot of activity in the scene lately and there's some really cool projects being worked on that we didn't have even just a few years ago.

Anyways, about video plugins for XBMC, that's a tough one. I know there was some discussions about scrapers being broken that ended up being fixed. I can't recall where, so it might take some digging to find (let me know if you need help there). Plugins don't seem to be getting updated much anymore unfortunately. Sometimes plugins can be fixed easily, but most of the time the service they rely on gets updated or goes away entirely. Which plugins are you referring to specifically?

XBMC4Xbox in general is kind of becoming outdated these days with the proliferation of cheap powerful devices that outperform the Xbox's media playback capabilities. Rocky's XBMC4Gamers project seems to be kind of replacing it since people tend to prefer that for new builds and just skip the whole media side of things.

What are you looking to do with Plex specifically? Trying to transcode your movies on-the-fly down to Xbox-friendly specs? It should be very possible. Just have to make a profile to transcode media down to 720p MP4 with about 3mbps bitrate (plus a few other options).

Re: Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Wed Jun 02, 2021 11:56 am
by sixties keith
@tx3000 - sorry to hear you have had a negative experience here, ive been on this forum for years and have had nothing but help and support. I do understand about outdated information, i myself was the original xbox mod on both totalxbmc which was rebranded noobsandnerds and the cablecrack's website/forums but unfortunately both are now gone will the info lost.

@GoTeamScotch - some things never change :) its nice to see your still about the forum offering advice and support. Thanks for linking alot which is currently active, will take me a while to get up to date. I actually came across another project called Insignia which is trying to replace the old xbox live service but i havent looked much into it.

Video plugins - I used to test mainline plugins with xbox compatibility- as you would expect alot didnt work but some surprisingly did especially when there was an sd stream available. I know the likes of an edited iplayer and youtube search plugins worked but will have to fire up the old computer and check what i have (think the xbox folder is about 400gb big filled with everything from testing, emulators,skins, work arounds and everything inbetween lol) I also assume the radio plugins still work

As for the scrapers its simply for my local media shared from the computer.

I will continue to and always use xbmc4xbox as my main dash, dont use the other xbmc4gamersbut nice to see other projects rocking on. i use a combo of xbmc4xbox as the main dash with some old emu's which use the old pmIII skin as it reminds me of the good old days of xbmc4xbox. Anything else i want as a better front end look i use a combo of hypervision and fbl. dont personally use coinops as i not a big fan but do have a couple knocking about.

As for plex yes, to get it to pick an xbox profile up and transcode for the xbox. i had seen several people (inc myself) attempt this with no luck. I was able to get the newly created profile to be picked up but having tried several different ways, we were unable to get it working. there was a massive thread from me here a few years back with all the tests and debug logs etc unfortunately still no joy and tbh not alot of interest either. (i would use my xbox all the time if plex would work plus it would open up the media side of things most users have given up on)
i did see a few others have been working on it and have someone send me over some test profiles but never got around too it however i will do in the future as i still have the xbox plex program knocking about.

Also unrelated but im looking forward to doing some actual case mods again. Going to get another xbox for a fresh mod project, all the usual...... controller port and side strip lights, jewel mod, silent fan, ir dongle and wireless controller port mod to name a few actually looking forward to it. Once done i'll have to hunt out my custom theme and sounds along with the custom xbmc intro videos and i think if i remember right an artwork program for people that have an issue with that (I share 800gb music along so as you can imagine artwork is an issue lol)

Thanks again for the help and advice.

Re: Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2021 3:05 am
by bigkidoz
Been a while since i last dropped in, old faithful Halo 2TB xbox still does our main media center duties and still update xboxes for family and friends.
I think i still have about 30 consoles plus boxes of parts/cables etc, haven't done any mods for a while but think its time to do an internal HDMI converter mod to reduce the amount of cables and adapters.

Re: Hows the xbox doing in 2021

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2022 12:13 pm
by sixties keith
I've literally just started getting back into modding again. On the plus side I did find an external hdd with all kinds of xbox goodies from my total xbmc days. Haven't when through it all yet but there's guides, mods, emus, different skins and tweaks, my plexbmc project and all the ffmpeg stuff which should keep me busy. Unfortunately I lost all the xboxs lying out in my old garage, a combo of some clock caps failing, some being damaged and others caused by dampness. Grabbing what I can before I dump the rest and start fresh.