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Good evening, I was given an modded Xbox with xbmc 9.04.1 r20848 installed on it. How do I update to the latest build?
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Re: Upgrade

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It will depend how it was modded (softmod/chip/TSOP), how XBMC was installed and consequently the location of the XBMC main dashboard folder and .XBE. In general all you'd need to do is find a copy of the most recent version, which I think is still v3.5.3, and replace the existing installation with that.

The usual recommendation with an old softmod (if that is what it is) would be to update the whole thing using Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool or HeXEn or AID. Install an updated main dash as part of that process.

If I was replacing just a XBMC dash rather updating the whole mod I'd install the newer version of XBMC first as an app, test that it works and set it up as wanted before making the change.

If you're not sure what you're doing or how to do it then before doing anything if would help if you post screenshots of the C:\, E:\ drive contents and wherever your main dash XBMC folder is installed. Typically that would be E:\Apps or a main dash folder somewhere. That could even be on F:\ if a larger HDD has been fitted at some point and the main dash is launched from a shortcut on E:\.
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