Help required

Post ideas or dicuss development of the Blog / Forum / Bugtracker etc
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Help required

Post by BuZz »

Would be nice to have the following areas on the blog:

About Page: with info about the project/software with screenshots
Gallery Area: With some screenshots and videos perhaps

Any other ideas? If anyone would like to work on this, let me know. thanks.
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Re: Help required answered

Post by snow44 »

Hi I hope I'm posting this in the proper place. I have experience in web development and am willing to help in anyway I can to keep the website/blog up, running, and adding on new sections ect. Also I have limited experience with C++ code and xbox hardware, I would love to help develop the project although honestly it would take me some time to get to the point I could help much. But I am willing to give it a try. :D
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