I need GPU heatsink w/o fan

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I need GPU heatsink w/o fan

Post by TwiSteR »

Recently I got a Xbox Classic (v1.0), and it has a little fan on GPU heatsink (like every 1.0 :)), which I would like to remove.
Is anyone here (from Europe) that has spare heatsink (without fan) from v1.1+ models, and would be willing to ship it to me? I would pay for it, and shipping. Thanks in advance.

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Re: I need GPU heatsink w/o fan

Post by LudviG »

Where are you located? I believe I have some lying around, just have to check.

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Re: I need GPU heatsink w/o fan

Post by LorenzoV »

I'm reading your message a little late, but perhaps I'm still in time. Since it seems that the original submitter hasn't aswered any more, I wonder if you can still sell GPU heatsinks of 1.1 or later Xbox systems (without the fan).
I'm searching for 2 GPU heatsinks (I have 2 Xboxes 1.0) because mine have some problems (they have the fan, indeed...), and it's quite difficult to find original heatsinks without the fan nowadays. I'm from Venice (Italy) and of course I would pay the products and the shipment (if they're not too expensive :) ).
Could you help me?
Thanks in advance.
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