[ARTWORK] XBox Games Folder Icons

Discussion and development of skins for XBMC4XBOX
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[ARTWORK] XBox Games Folder Icons

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For some time now I've been curious as to how others back up their games to digital media. More specifically, the media format.

I use to have them in ISO format, which was OK, however, I found myself needing to transfer some games more frequently to several XBox's for different reasons. At first I was extracting the games from the ISO to folders in order to transfer them to the XBox. This was annoyingly inconvenient and time consuming. I finally decided to extract all game ISO files into folders to save time.

I later found out that you can FTP directly from ISO by using Qwix, C-XBox Tool, and AvaLaunch, but never-mind that, that's not part of this post. :D

After extracting all games, I figured it would be nice to have custom icons for each game; several hours of frustration later I managed to finish the icons for all 190 or so games that I own. I'm sharing this files for anyone who may find them useful.

Click on the preview image to download the zip file containing all ICO files.


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