Does anybody know the name of this skin?

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Does anybody know the name of this skin?

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just trying to find this one skin
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Re: Does anybody know the name of this skin?

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It is the Xbox-Classic skin using the Moonlight theme and skin colour ie. blue font. That's the Programs > Emulators > Wide Icon view.
XBMC Xbox-Classic Skin Moonlight Theme.jpg
It is a little more squished than it would normally be in my shot simply because I had the TV formatting set up for a 4:3 game. I don't use wide icons either except by default. I'm actually in the process of making/replacing all my emulator icons

I assume the screenshot framing deliberately excluded the XBMC Programs menu and icon on the left.

If you want the skin make sure you find the version NOTHESAME, principally, updated here a few years ago. The original version of the skin actually still works pretty well with recent XBMC builds but has specific display/positioning/minor function issues that the updated version fixed. It was also tweaked so it worked noticeably faster.


Its not perfect, it has a few odd problem eg. with the music visualizations animations. If you go back to main Music menu page with the them still running a small preview box will appear showing the visualization in use. It is badly positioned on the extreme left overlapping other parts of the menu.

These minor, niche issues aside the Xbox-Classic skin has remained popular for a very good reason; it still works very well. It is more attractive but retains that familiar original MS Xbox dash look and feel making it easy to navigate. Like its name suggests it a genuine classic design.
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