[WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by dispunko »

I found it! 8-)
Thanks for this!
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Sassokee »

I had a few issues with the mod, the first being one of the boxes in the main menu (Bottom right) doesn't align with the one above. The second issue is the wallpaper selecrion on the side menu, the first few wallpapers cannot be selected. I did a fresh install of the original skin a couple of times, still getting the same.

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by scroeffie »

any one has a tut on how to install XBMC Origins thanks
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Deelaroc »

I have my games folder named "Games" and on my F partition, but when I use the "My Games" icon in the skin, it doesn't go to the folder and the coverat shows nothing. I have to back out, pick the folder, and select my game. Does anyone know where to edit the "My Games" icon to point it to the folder that I was supposed to put them into? Thanks for any help.
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by gauchomigo »

xbmc4you wrote: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:04 pm
xbmc4you wrote: Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:05 amThe idea is very nice, however it doesn't work for me.
I followed the instructions at the original "origins" thread and then the instructions overe here.
It looks nice, until you enter game browser and then it looks like this:
And the options sideblade doesn't have any text.
What am I doing wrong?
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I have the same problem. Did you solve it? I cannot for the life of me decode your last.
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by gaubert »


Have you solved your problem?
if not, I have the solution, I want to help you ;)

If not the shortcut 27 in the games tab now works?
Because in version 1.0.0 it was impossible to configure
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Kryptikz »

Looks good man!


The shortcut not working was because of a simple xml coding error. Dom had an awesome start to a skin with origins but it has lots of bugs unfortunately.

If I remember right it was a ! In the line of code that wasn't supposed to be there. It's been forever since I looked at it though.
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by rarepandas »

Been reading up on all these threads for about a year and learned a lot from everyone. I'm just stuck on how to create custom tiles on the xbosh dashboard. instead of "sign out" I just want Coin ops to be a shortcut there instead and with my own custom image for it. Can anyone help. It would be greatly appreciated
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by kingherb »

To Fix shortcut 27 in favorites just go to /skin/XBMC Origins/720p/ and find the Home.xml, open it in notepad wordpad or notepad++ and find and replace the following line:


change to this:

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by mubarkalajmi »

Hello Guys!!!
I've been trying to use Origins, but I am not familiar with how it works. I need some one to help me to configure it. If anyone is willing to help me, please contact me through my email. I am ready to pay $$ for any help.

My email: mubarkalajmee101@gmail.com
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by mjtilide7853 »


Snapped a pic of my TV, looks nice and slick!
Picked up an old Xbox at the goodwill recently, wanted a way to play old Xbox games and a have a nice user interface. This works perfect.

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Dom DXecutioner »


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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by jerk »

Hi guys first of all I want to congratulate you for tremendous skin. A few days ago I installed it to test it and I am still confused with part of its content ... when using it, more questions and opinions are coming out for its best. I am currently working with the translation of the interface language in Mexican Spanish.

- I have doubts about how to improve the skin since the applications that I have installed such as evox, unleashed x, dvd2xbox, etc., do not display the icons that they already bring by default but in the XBCM 3.5.3 and other dashboards you can see but with This skin can not.

- I read that you can modify the home dash board and although for me it is perfect as many images and video entries really do not occupy them, there is a way to replace them with an entry for applications since this is what I see I do not have Hard access as such.

- Speaking of the same point before these applications I can run the games section here is where I noticed something very important because right here my applications appear (eye I have them in E and in the app folder). I understand that the skin is self-customizable but I think that most users try the skin first and then start customizing it according to their taste, but as I see the apps in this section I get an simulation of xbox covers as they have no image It is hard to identify what you open and only in the upper right corner it shows you the amounts that are in folders and only shows you the letters of the partition unit where it is located but in what you customize it costs a lot of work to know that each cover belongs to. I don't know if the name of the file in question could be added without having a cover image.

Thank you in advance for your work and I know this is open to near improvements.
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by shadowthezero04 »

Hi, can anyone explain to me how the user account works? I managed to get everything working correctly, I also added a customized status bar at the top with what I need thanks to videos on youtube. But for the user profile I was able to set the name and the icon only from the PM3 skin, after when I go to change the skin in Origins only the nickname appears in the upper left corner (alternating with the writing n / a) and the icon remains the empty one by default, instead on the start screen everything appears correctly both the nickname and the icon set.

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Amigaz »

ghamson wrote:Just want to say thank you for this UI update for the Origins skin. I love it!

As part of my Original Xbox setup, I created a bunch if icons for categories as well as Xbox game covers for homebrew and emulators. Figured I would share them here in case someone was interested.

Here is a link to download them:


And here are some examples - Game Covers:
Homebrew - Miss Driller.jpg
Mame NeoGeo.jpg

Xbox Exclusives:
Adventure / RPG:
Thanks again to the whole community... without your posts to read, I would never have got my Original Xbox modded and setup.
Any chance you can share these again? Thanks
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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by JBear »

How do you edit the list on the navigation blade from the xbmc guide? I poked around and found the info in the Custom_3002_XbmcGuide.xml, what I want to do is change Chihiro to open a different folder and relabel it. How do you define or point where the folder is located, I don't understand how <onclick>ActivateWindow(Programs,DmChihiro)</onclick> points to the folder location where Chihiro is located. To remove music and pandora do you just delete those entries?

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Re: [WIP] XBMC Origins UI Update Mod

Post by Punincarnates »

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