Blackbolt Classic Final 2.0 on new XBMC4XBOX

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Re: Blackbolt Classic Final 2.0 on new XBMC4XBOX

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Still using and enjoying this skin but I've come across a niche, minor issue.

I've been sorting out my music collection recently and re-tagging/re-ripping/FTPing most of it to my two most used Xboxes both using this skin.

What I've found is that if you enable the Xbox's "Visualizations" whilst playing the music from the main menu Music option it all works fine. If you exit "Visualization" (X button), and, with the music still playing, exit to the main menu all still works fine. You get the CD art in the lower left and the song title etc and can bring up the control panel etc as it is supposed to.

However if you enter another main menu option, like Programs, whilst all is still OK with the music and info display on the left, half way up the screen and half off screen, a new small pane opens with the "Visualizations" displaying.

If you try to exit back to the main menu by pressing B or Back the screen goes haywire and the only way off is to press X to enable full screen "Visualizations". If you exit from that you are sent back to the main menu again and all is back to normal ie. music/info is still playing/displaying and no errant "Visualizations" mini pane.

I've tried this on XBMC$Xbox v3.5.3 and two other earlier versions all using the same updated Xbox Classic skin and it repeats across them all.

Turn off "Visualizations" in the Settings and and, as you would expect, the problem doesn't occur ie. if you press X whilst playing music you get a blank black background screen. From that you can exit and open another main menu item and that unwanted "Visualizations" mini pane doesn't appear, blank or otherwise.

This is not a major issue but it is incorrect behaviour so if anyone else here can confirm the problem or knows how to
fix it I would be interested.
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Re: Blackbolt Classic Final 2.0 on new XBMC4XBOX

Post by Yourdrunkendad »

Please delete.
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Re: Blackbolt Classic Final 2.0 on new XBMC4XBOX

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

I have posted about this elsewhere but I thought it might be a good idea to add the information to this thread where I originally posted about that "Visualizations" 'preview' display issue with this skin.

I'm no XBM4Xbox skinning expert so in the absence of help here I had to work through all the XMLs and try to identify where the problem was. It took a bit of time doing that.

The fault only appears when using the main "Programs" menu, as said, if you're playing music at the same time a small 'preview' box appears to the left of the main left hand menu, part off screen depending on the screen positioning settings. Its vertical co-ordinates are also above the free space in the side menu pane used for game/video previews, if enabled. Whether you've been using Visualizations with the music player or not this unwanted Visualizations 'preview' appears.

If you haven't enabled Visualizations in the music player settings I'm not sure how or if it displays at all.

The solution:-

1). On PC explore this updated Xbox-Classic skin's folder and the find PAL > MyPrograms.xml. You could do this on the Xbox but XBMC4Xbox does not have a built in text editor and its Notepad script is flakey. The UnleashX dash (installed as an app) should be your tool of choice for any text editing matters.

Save a backup of the MyPrograms.xml before editing it.

2). Now open the MyPrograms.xml and you'll see right at the top an entry for "visualisations". Ignore that.

3). The relevant entry is actually near the bottom of the page, the last entry for "control type":-

Code: Select all

<control type="visualisation">
4). Those posx/posy positioning co-ordinates are wrong or at least wrong for most screen positioning settings.

5). Simply delete that entry to fix the problem so the visualization preview pane does not appear at all.

6). If you want to keep the pane: correct the x/y co-ordinates for your screen by altering the values. Only trial and error will get you precise positioning but you'll certainly need both significant change in x/y values.

7). You can expand the size of the pane too. But if you're re-locating it to where it was intended to be ie. under Preview in the side menu there is not much room unless you do not mind overlapping the side menu graphics. NB. if you expand the pane later the x/y co-ordinates will, of course, need to be re-adjusted again.

BTW I'm pretty sure that the Preview pane for game/video previews when enabled with this skin uses those same x/y co-ordinates. So, if you've had this positioning problem with the Visualizations preview pane, you'll have the same issue with them. That will require finding the specific XML entries for those "previews" and editing them as well.
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Re: Blackbolt Classic Final 2.0 on new XBMC4XBOX

Post by xgekox »

I'm trying to modify the xml of the skin to automatically start the video previews when I pass over an icon without having to select all the game preview button. I tried to insert the string contained in the button xml in the section dedicated to fanarts (which are displayed automatically) but it doesn't work.
does anyone know by chance what and where I have to insert in the xml files?
thank you very much to those who will be able to help me
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