How to Enable Rss Feeds (example Revision3 Shows Feed)

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How to Enable Rss Feeds (example Revision3 Shows Feed)

Post by skatulskijean »

xbmc have wondefull function to add Rss Feeds to the Source to access as Example all the Revision 3 Shows without a addon.

Step 1:

we want the rss feed url's as example for the Revision 3 Shows:

that is that what i found:

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Ask Jay
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Delicious Steak
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Digg Dialogg
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Diggnation is a weekly tech/web culture show based on the top social bookmarking news stories.

Epic Meal Time
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the titel's from the show since in Big Letter the url's on collor blue.

This urls must we change to Bring it to work for the inline rss Parser from xbmc.

so we change http to rss

as example Rev3Games:

from :
to : rss://

the last Letters on the url given the Quality (mp4-large)and for this feed url she is for use on xbmc4xbox ok(it's the best Quality what we can access on xbmc4xbox)
We must change the Quality on the other given Rss Feeds from the Revision 3 Shows to (mp4-large)

we to this on the example from HAK5 feed url:


Step2 Adding to Sources:

We go on xbmc4xbox to Video / Files and open this.
So we can see a Folder with the Name add Source we open this and adding the created rss feed url .
to do this we goining with the controller to the Point with the Name
<None> and press A Button on the Controller .
The Keyboard is than open and we can write the rss feed url to it
Then we press Done and xbmc setting self the name for the Feed .
We press ok and the Feed is added with all the Thumbs descriptions and Videos.

That is a nice Solution for one or two Feeds but for adding more it is simpler to open the sources.xml located on UserData with a editor on your Pc and addings the rss feeds what you want.
this is the Syntax for it one rss feed added:

<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<name>The Ben Heck Show (Large MP4)</name>
<path pathversion="1">rss://</path>

This is the the Syntax for two added rss feeds:
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<name>The Ben Heck Show (Large MP4)</name>
<path pathversion="1">rss://</path>
<path pathversion="1">rss://</path>
we you can see we have only to adding :

<name>Name from the Tread</name>
<path pathversion="1">rss feed url with added /</path>

So i hope thats help .

Regards Jan


when you have the Source added you can look for a nice thumb for your added Feed on the Web best Format is 250*250 pixel on .jpg put this on a location on your xbox .
Go to the added Source and press the withe Button on your Controller.
This open the Context Menu .
Go to Choose Thumbnail press a on Controller .
Go to the location from the added Thumb for this Feed and you thumb is added .
So beatifull easy its to play rss feeds on your xbmc4xbox.
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Re: How to Enable Rss Feeds (example Revision3 Shows Feed)

Post by RunsilenT »

I install RSS Editor script and like a Uk news and gaming stream
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