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Evox skins

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:28 pm
hey im looking for a huge pack of evox skins does anyone got a download on one

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:37 am
by toxicmedz
How about 625 of them?
Be warned tho - some are definitely NSFW ... _F6Ij892Yb

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:10 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
That skin pack linked too is actually named as 625 UnleashX skins. After a quick perusal many of the skins are UX ones (identified by their config.xml) but there are a number of EvoX skins (identified by their evox.ini) mixed in too. I recommend the "blackbolt_consolev4" as a good-ish EvoX skin.

I actually used Rocky5's UnleashX converter tool on that skin as it works particular well as an UnleashX skin too. I've done some serious editing work on it recently to improve it. I'll post a screenshot of what I've done if anyone is interested.

It'll be interesting to go through all the skins included in that pack, I've already found one UX skin I do not have. I'm a bit of a Xbox skin hoarder and I think over the years I've download just about every UnleashX, EvoX, Avalaunch and XBMC skin worth having which were available at the time. Some I've had but deleted and later regretted doing that because many of those and countless others have been lost now, probably forever.

There are some 'adult' skins out there like two old UnleashX ones that use certain notorious YT videos featuring well known female US celebrities as loading screens but I've not seen that many for EvoX. There was one small set of niche fetishistic, hentai and extreme subject matter skins I found once which were definitely not to my taste at all. Whilst I think I've archived them somewhere like those two UX skins they're definitely not installed for use on any of my Xboxes.

Problem with EvoX skins is that they're made up of just two images at most: a main background and sometimes, not always, a different loading screen. That means any old pictures can be and were used. The useful part of the skin ie. the menu/information layout is just added on top via the .INI file. Many just used the default unedited .INI even though in some cases it made the skin unusable because of the background image used.

There are also cases where they've not even changed the EvoX skin name, copying in an .INI from another skin. There is no problem with that if the source skin is not installed but if it is either one or the other will not display in your skin list or displays with the, IMHO ugly, default EvoX background.

Finding the offending skin which has used the other's .INI when you have a couple of hundred skins installed to search through is a very tedious job.

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 12:06 am
those are ux skins mostly i need evox ones along with xbmc and avalaunch

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 3:39 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
There are more than just a few EvoX skins in that pack. It is a pain separating them out and I'm certainly not going to go through 625 skins myself at this time but I've found over a dozen of those just listed from A - C which are EvoX skins.

Amongst them are "ArcX", "Armageddon", "ass1" :roll:, "Atomguy", "Austin Powers Goldmember", the three "blackbolt" ones, "BlackVoodoo", "blade", "Britbutt" :roll:, "Cargo", "carmella", "carmen_electra", "christina", "CrackedBox" and "cyberfab".

Hope it is OK to say this here but Xbox-HQ is about the only place now you'll find a range of skins but even then it is pretty limited in comparison with what used to be easily available. If you Google search EvoX skins now almost all the links you'll find are dead which is annoying. That is particularly true of those links from YT videos posted as recently as 18 months ago, showing many EvoX skins I've never seen before. Why the guys posting such stuff did not provide any download links, working now or not, is strange.

You might try looking for old AID (Auto Installer Deluxe) downloads and SPPV's Babylon series which are effectively AID updates. They often include additional skin packs for the most commonly used Xbox dashboards.

Finding old XBMC skins too is now much harder, you'd think there would be an archive here or a links to somewhere they could be easily found and downloaded. A fair number of older XBMC skins are not worth trying to use as they have issues with recent XBMC builds but it can be quite interesting finding out what does still work.

BTW I'd recommend always testing older skins first on a XBMC copy installed as an app and not on a XBMC main dash.

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 1:25 am
by toxicmedz
My bad, mind went to UnleashX not EvoX. Ah well. I tried.

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 5:22 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
I've checked that 625 UnleashX ski pack pretty thoroughly. Although I might have missed some there are at least 85 EvoX skins included.

There is also a set of Xecuter 3 skins, two Mame skins and, interestingly, a handful of what appear to be dual dash skins ie. ones which include both config.xml and .ini files so can be installed either as UnleashX or EvoX skins. I've not seen that done before.

A couple of things to watch out for is that a good number of the UnleashX skins are double packed and some folders are actually mini skin pack sub-sets. If you want them to work they have to be extracted from their parent folder(s) before install.

Second thing is that UnleashX's unzip tool does not like something in the zipped 625 UnleashX skin pack. It will fail the unzip consistently probably because of unsupported characters or where the path/name is too long for FATX. XBMC's file manager will unzip the folder because, within limits, that corrects such problems as it unzips. But apart from that useful feature its unzipping facility is crude compared to UnleashX's menu lead options.

For that reason I suggest before FTPing the skin pack is unzipped on PC first.

Last comment is that there are indeed a number of 'adult' skins in the pack.They're not the most explicit I've seen being used for UX and EvoX skins, usually just T&A, but there are one or two which might frighten the horses.:)

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Wed Mar 20, 2019 5:37 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
Apologies for bumping this thread but I have been going through the skin pack and installing the ones I didn't have, both UX and EvoX.

I came across an oddity with the UX skin: xbox media solution.

The skin works fine when installed but I've found it impossible to open the skin.xml using the UX file explorer or text editor. It freezes the Xbox; I've tried it on three different UX versions - same thing.

It opens on PC with Notepad, Wordpad etc as normal and on the Xbox when using XBMC4Xbox's Notepad script. The skin.xml is considereably bigger than other UX skins at 1000B+, more typically they're under half that size.

I though that might be it as when opening it in Notepad there is a huge number of blank lines after the actual skin.xml text. But I tested that idea with another skin.xml and that opened correctly under the UX dash. If it was a syntax matter like an unsupported Xbox/FATX character accidentally used I couldn't find anything and the point is the skin.xml works so it can not be that.

On PC there is no indication that it was saved in the wrong text format either; it reports as a .XML like any other UX skin.xml. I copied the skin.xml, just the text, and created new documents using both Notepad and Wordpad saving them as basic .txt documents. They open on the Xbox using UX without issue and all work correctly when renamed and saved as "skin.xml"

It is not an important matter but has me stumped. I've not come across any UX skin.xml that can not be open by UX and freezes the Xbox if you try.

Any ideas?


I'm not a 100% sure on this but I decided to try again with the original formatting being the most likely culprit.

I think what could have happened is that the original skinner was using Word or Wordpad to create/edit the skin.xml and mistakenly saved it as at some point as a .RTF document rather than .TXT. Later that was resaved, correctly, as a .TXT document but saved using "Select All".

When that is renamed to skin.xml on the Xbox a). UX file explorer/text editor freezes when you try and open it but b). XBMC Notepad can open it.

Now I thought the original skin.xml displayed as normal in XBMC Notepad but on rechecking there are actually some anomalous characters used. What I am thinking is that there must be some formatting metadata included when you save the full document using "Select All" either with Notepad or Wordpad. It is not not copied when you highlight just the skin.xml text and copy that to a Notepad or even a new Wordpad document.

What that still does not explain is why the original skin.xml which UX text tools can not open still works correctly as the skin.xml for that UX skin.

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2019 1:24 pm
by grieg
toxicmedz wrote:
Fri Mar 01, 2019 5:37 am
How about 625 of them?
Be warned tho - some are definitely NSFW ... _F6Ij892Yb
Thanks for the link!

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:27 am
by Nextelhalo

Re: Evox skins

Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:24 pm
by Coldly-Indifferent
Thanks for those - looking at the names there are some there I'm pretty sure I've not seen before.

Always like to add more skins to my collection.


Yes, plenty of EvoX skins I'd not seen before, not all to my taste but there are some good ones including what looks like an early versions of the "blackbolt" skin and a simple variation on that: "GeminiServer". I've always been interested in that skin because my skin of choice for XBMC is the Blackbolt Xbox-Classic v2 which has a similar style but much more polished.

The graphics on the original EvoX skin are a bit rough so I spent some time earlier this year cleaning it up and creating an UnleashX dash skin based on that using the EvoX > UX skin tool Rocky5 created a few years ago.

BTW some of those EvoX skins in the collection as supplied won't display because the evox.ini uses the wrong path for the main and loading images but it is not rocket science editing them to use the correct path.

There are also a couple of loose pics in amongst the skin folders: one of Heidi Klum and another of a Heineken bottle. The Heidi Klum pic is actually used for the background to the loading screen in the eponymous skin also found in the collection but what the Heineken bottle is doing there I have no idea.

Edit 10.07.19

I've been through the pack and there are about a dozen other anomalies including two folders that are actually EvoX skins: Juggalo_XPR and Jenna8659. The former looks like an old XBMC skin but it doesn't work on my 2008 XBMC so, if that's what it is it must be really old. The other one is just filled with XBX image files so no idea what that might be for.

Of the rest there is one where the skin is in a sub-folder and a handful that won't display the background and loading screens because either the skin name or folder names are different. This means the path to the main and loading images will be wrong so you'll just get the ugly default EvoX background instead.

The problem in correcting this if the folder name is wrong is that you have 120+ of them to search through to find the one that actually contains the skin.ini that needs editing eg. the MyBox skin is actually found in the folder XSYMBOL and similarly Asgard is in SPHERE folder.

It is simple enough to fix stuff like this but if anyone needs any help getting one of those EvoX skins to display correctly post here.