Unsure if Xbox is mod chipped or not, have orange ring no boot problem after Hexen

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Unsure if Xbox is mod chipped or not, have orange ring no boot problem after Hexen

Post by bobthefish » Fri Jul 20, 2018 8:55 pm

I bought a second hand Xbox described as soft modded and changed the hard drive to a larger model. I needed to update the modding to get access to the G petition and used Hexen to do it. After going through the soft mod process I ended up with a console that shows the boot screen but doesn't go into any dashboards. It goes from a green ring to an orange ring and just sits there. After running the softmod process through Hexen when I turned it back on again it never booted beyond that intro, I couldn't complete the softmod as the instructions said. I can still use the DVD to boot into Hexen but it will just hang on a black screen after the intro plays other wise.

After doing some research I found that the only way the boot screen can be modified is with a chip and mine says Xecuter 2 when it boots up where it should say microsoft. This makes me think I may have tried to applied a softboot method to the mod chipped system. I read a thread here saying to try the bioschecker and Id id so and got the following.

Chip type LPC based SST 49LF020
Using genuine BIOS Xecuter2 4976.02
BIOS MD5 Hash 8BE62F9F402DE76931DB5B271530EF6E

When I opened the case to install the larger HD I noticed it only had 5 screws instead of the 6 listed but none of the stickers underneath had been damaged. I didn't think this was anything abnormal but now I'm thinking maybe it was and there is a modchip inside. I'd rather not open it up again right now and hoping the the Bios info can confirm if it's chipped or not.

If it is chipped how do I resolve this and if it isn't the same question?

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Re: Unsure if Xbox is mod chipped or not, have orange ring no boot problem after Hexen

Post by professor_jonny » Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:06 pm

it looks like you have a modchip

You just need to run hexen and restore the dash you are booting to as your bios cant find a default dash to load so it loads the official microsoft dash which cuses to console to lockup because it has a softmod modded dash..

then you need to remove the softmod by replacing the files on C and removing the related softmod files on E.

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Re: Unsure if Xbox is mod chipped or not, have orange ring no boot problem after Hexen

Post by Coldly-Indifferent » Sun Jul 22, 2018 12:21 am

Strangely I've just been involved in thread on another forum about this sort of matter and one of the contributors there said it used to be recommended to install a softmod on a chipped machine after setting up the latter.

As long as the HDD is locked there is no reason why it would not all work fine is there? With a chipped machine a C:\ drive which has a working MS dash XBE does boot that, using the original C:\xboxdash.xbe, when the chip is turned off.

With a softmod that installs the main dash to the root of of the E:\ drive is there any reason the softmod won't work too when the chip is turned off?

During a SID/AID install it will re-task the C:\xboxdash.xbe and replace the MS dash XBE with "msdash.xbe" or "xb1xdash.xbe" but it doesn't mess with anything else on C:\ does it? If so surely they can both live together without issue.

In the OP's case I'm guessing that on C:\, due to that softmodding there is now no recognised dashboard XBE except the re-tasked xboxdash.xbe. With SID/AID that usually becomes the now redundant online updater. The chip, is set up to look for a main dash on the the C:\ drive (in SID/AID's case : C:\evoxdash.xbe) when it doesn't find that it tries to boot the next bootable XBE that is there, the re-tasked xboxdash.xbe, and the result is the blank screen.

Once the chipping has been confirmed my suggestion would be to make sure you have an eeprom backup and then unlock and wipe the new HDD on PC and start again. You always have the original HDD to fall back on but do make sure it is locked (ConfigMagic). Then simply do a totally new clean install using HeXEn or AID, using the chipped options of course.

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