XBMC as main dashboard?

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XBMC as main dashboard?

Post by Softmodder »

I decided to install the XBMC4XBOX dashboard as an app on UnleashX using Filezilla (an FTP client). I find the XBMC4XBOX more simpler and easier to use and it has more features than UnleashX making me want to switch. I have read guides and used a program called, "Xbe Shortcut Maker 1.0" and made an xbe file. There is just one problem, in Filezilla, C is empty. But, when I start up the XBOX, UnleashX works and XBMC4XBOX works. The only place I know where another xbe file is stored is E\dashboard and E\Apps\XBMC\ (<--- the folder where the XBMC contents are.) Clearly, I shouldn't replace xbe file in E\Apps\XBMC because that's the XBMC4BOX xbe. Do I replace the XBE in E\dashboard? Help would be a appreciated.


I managed to get a default.xbe working by placing it in E, but now, how do I free up space because I won't be using UnleashX and I want to free some space? How do I actually do that without bricking the XBOX?
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Re: XBMC as main dashboard?

Post by Dan Dar3 »

That was the sensible approach in finding the shortcut XBE that starts your dashboard.

You've used option #3 from here:
https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/wiki/Insta ... _Dashboard

To free up some space on E: drive I would suggest using Filezilla > Server > Search remote files... F3 to list all remote files in /E/ location.

Also you can use XBMC4Xbos File Manager to select a folder > press white-button > Calcultate size to get an idea.

If you have other partitions (e.g. F:\), you can copy / move XBMC4Xbox there (F:\Apps\XBMC) and have the shortcut point to that.

If you can't find anything to remove on E: drive and you some space to install the shortcut XBE, you can size up and remove the Q:\UserData\thumbnails (always Q: = location of currently running XBMC4Xbox). https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/wiki/UserData
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Re: XBMC as main dashboard?

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

Unless you have a whole load of apps with alternative dashboards with skins and emulators + ROMS the only things that takes up huge amounts of space on E:\ ie. GBs, are installed original Xbox games. So if you have any games installed there then that is what you should delete first.

But if you have fitted a larger HDD and have F:\ and even G:\ drives you really do not need to be worried about space on E:\. If you have the shortcut maker available you can have its path point to any location. If XBMC is in F:\Apps then use it from there, it really makes no difference.

The UnleashX dash takes up very little space, literally just a a few MBs. You should always keep UnleashX available as an app even if you swap your main dash to XBMC. All you actually need is its XBE but using the existing config.xml too is recommended. Create a new folder in Apps, name it UnleashX, copy in the main dash XBE and the config.xml then rename the copied XBE to "default.xbe". Reboot the Xbox and voila, your existing UnleashX dash is now an app.

I would guess if Filezilla is not seeing C:\ that you have a Shadow C protected softmod but you really do not need to worry about C:\ at all. Leave it alone.

In UnleashX check the System > Settings > System > More Information - UnleashX. That shows you your main dash details and location. Typically with SID/AID that will be E:\......\evoxdash.xbe but with other softmods it could well be different. With Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool it could even be on C:\.

That is a good lesson to learn too: never assume any XBE name relates to what it is and does. Two identically named XBEs on the same Xbox can actually do very different things.

Anyway that evoxdash.xbe or whatever yours is called is your main dash and any other XBE on E:\ or C:\ should not be touched.

Replacing the main dash XBE is risky but there is no way around this but you can make it as safe as possible.

1). Backup eeprom to PC.

2). Install your shortcut XBE into a temporary folder on F:\ and check it actually works using the UnleashX file manager. It is just a shortcut and should work from anywhere if the path it is using to F:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe or wherever XBMC is located has been set up correctly.

3). If it launches XBMC OK then you're good to replace your main dash XBE with your shortcut XBE.

4). So rename the shortcut XBE to whatever your existing main dash XBE is called. Double check it is exactly the same.

5). Now the risky part starts: go to the main dash location and rename its XBE "default.xbe" (obviously without the quotation marks) then copy your new shortcut XBE into place.

6). You should now have those two XBEs sitting happily together on the root of the drive.

Do not delete the default.xbe, leave it there forever, it doesn't do any harm and may save you in the future if you mess up a XBMC update.

7). Recheck everything.

8). Click on the new main dash XBE and, cross your fingers, XBMC should launch just like it did when you tested it. If it does not you may be lucky and your existing UnleashX will reappear.

9). If all is OK: shutdown and restart the Xbox and XBMC should now be your main dash.
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Re: XBMC as main dashboard?

Post by GoTeamScotch »

Softmodder wrote: Sat Mar 03, 2018 10:39 pm I managed to get a default.xbe working by placing it in E, but now, how do I free up space because I won't be using UnleashX and I want to free some space? How do I actually do that without bricking the XBOX?
I'd say keep UnleashX on your Xbox. It's like 2MB in size and worth the small amount of space it takes up. I use XBMC as my main dashboard and I still use UnleashX every once in a while, mostly because it allows you to transfer files over FTP about twice as fast as XBMC does. Removing UnleashX now that your Xbox boots directly to XBMC will not brick your Xbox. Your Xbox doesn't even know UnleashX is there until you go to launch it from within XBMC.
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