How would I go about painting my Xbox?

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How would I go about painting my Xbox?

Post by Zaazu »


Does anyone know where I can find a guide on how I would go about painting an Xbox?

I've tried searching and I can't find anything!

Thanks :)
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Re: How would I go about painting my Xbox?

Post by professor_jonny »

I have not seen such a guide but something I will say the best thing to do is prep it properly by sanding it or us a plastic etching primer so that the paint will stick.
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Re: How would I go about painting my Xbox?

Post by skeletor64 »

I've been doing a bunch of case mods, and have had success using Krylon Fusion (For plastic) Spray paint. First thing is cleaning the case after you take everything apart (I run through the dishwasher). Mask what you don't want painted (if that applies to you), and spray away. Don't overspray, light even coats. With that spray, you can re-coat in about an hour, even though it "dries" in 15 minutes. If you screw something up, you can sand it down. Do all of your coats within 24 hours, otherwise it's best to let it sit 5-7 days before attempting to paint again or adding a second color. This way the paint you have on there fully cures on.

With this spray you don't have to sandy anything before starting, however if you have any deep scratches on the case, smooth them out first as the spray won't completely hide them.
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