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HELP!! I mucked up my softmod

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 10:24 pm
by surlyduff11
I inherited a soft modded xbox with an old version of XBMC loaded. I tried to update it to 3.2 (at the time) but got a "fatal error" whenever i booted the xbox. I could ftp at that point so I thougt I knew what i was doing and tried to delete XBMC, go back to the Evox dash, and basically start from scratch. I obviously did something wrong because it would boot to a black screen with an orange eject light. I still had ftp so I reinstalled what I thought was the Evox dash, it wasn't. It was the original MS Xbox dash. So now it boots to the orginal dash. I no longer have ftp access. It won't load Frosty's or Hexen, but it will play games. I put my 007 disc in and loaded the hacked save but it only goes to a black screen, this time with a green eject light. Another strange anomily is that I can adjust all of the xbox settings but when I select "Network" it goes to Error 21 until I reboot. :oops:

Re: HELP!! I mucked up my softmod

Posted: Thu Oct 03, 2013 11:05 pm
by surlyduff11

I was being impatient with loading the game save so I got back to the UnleashX dash and I have ftp access again. I still can't load a rescue disc though. Even if I choose a multi-boot option in UnleashX and boot with the eject button it still always goes to the MS dash and, in turn, won't recognize my discs.

Re: HELP!! I mucked up my softmod

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2013 7:21 am
by whufclee
Are those discs definitely the same ones you done the softmod with? The reason I ask is it sounds as though your using discs that aren't compatible with your xbox DVD-rom, they are very picky! Certain makes/models of CD-R, DVD-R's work on some and not on others. The best solution would be to burn HeXEn to a Verbatim DVD-R as they are confirmed as working on every xbox drive. If you can't wait to get yourself one of those discs try using a CD-R and also a DVD-R. I quite often find if a DVD-R doesn't work then a CD-R does. Whatever you use make sure it's -R, +R WILL NOT WORK!

Once you've got that up and running re-do your softmod with HeXEn. Oh and by the way use the free ImgBurn software to burn the image to DVD, just stick it on the lowest speed, burn the image and you should be good to go. When loading HeXEn it takes about 30 seconds to load up, you just get a black screen for quite some time so make sure you're patient.