Rocky5 softmod, Splinter Cell save stuck at checkpoint

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Rocky5 softmod, Splinter Cell save stuck at checkpoint

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I'm trying to use the PAL Splinter Cell save file to softmod my Xbox, I've copied the most recent up to date Rocky5 saves onto my hard drive with a USB and rebooted.
The game however gets stuck when I press A on the "Load Checkpoint" step.
The Xbox is plugged in with an AV connection, in my video settings I'm in Normal mode with PAL60 set to no, there are no options for me to uncheck 720p.
The TV itself is also set to 4:3 mode. Only Controller 1 port is taken up, nothing else is plugged in.

Interestingly, when I choose the "Load Level" option, the screen did change colour once but now it gets stuck just like the "Load Checkpoint" option.
The game background music still plays but I have no control, if I eject the disc I get back to the dashboard with no issues.

Any guesses to what might be happening? Thanks.
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Re: Rocky5 softmod, Splinter Cell save stuck at checkpoint

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Are you using the correct region Splinter Cell save? There's one for PAL and another for NTSC and in my experience all items ie. game, console region and saves have to be region identical. I've made that mistake myself when re-modding from scratch a previously region changed (PAL > NTSC) Xbox.

If the Xbox is unmodded, you must be using the MS dash and and if you're using an AV Composite cable there should not be any 720p option available or not. Under Settings > Video in the MS dash you should be just getting the display format Normal\Letterbox\WS options.

Another frequent problem can just be that the SC game saves have been installed incorrectly, usually double foldered inside the parent UDATA folder. It is only the numbered folders, the individual exploit save (555300c) and installer save (21585554) that should be copied to/from the flash drive or whatever other storage device you are using for the transfer.

Lastly, if the Xbox has already been softmodded and that was not properly restored to factory state it can interfere with the exploit being used to re-softmod. The advice in that case is to use one of the other exploits ie. 007 AUF, Mechassault etc (there are less common others too). But of course you'll need an exploitable version*, genuine Xbox game disc for the game in question too.

*Apart from the region restrictions when using SC saves the actual game version ie. original, bundled, classics etc all work, That is not true of the other exploitable games and why SC game save softmods are the most ubiquitous.
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