Discussion about Modding the XBOX, including hardware and software hacks.
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I just wanted to give a heads up to anyone that is thinking about upgrading their OG XBOX using Rocky's softmod.

1. After upgrading The DVD drive is rendered 100% useless. It either does not read disks at all, or it hangs there and locks up the Console so a hard reset is required, or it shows UNKNOWN to any disk in the drive. (This includes official xbox games) The disk drive works because it will boot whatever is in the drive if you boot the system with the disk/game in the drive. The drive just cannot be used in any mod menu that uses or sees it not even file manager.

2. there is some mystery BIOS of 5838. Sorry but the last official MS BIOS for the OG XBOX was 5101 which came from updates inside xbox games and they stopped making xbox games which contained the 5101 BIOS long before anyone showed a HIGHER VERSION of the BIOS. Unless someone can produce a step by step tutorial on how to change a 5101 BIOS into a 5838 BIOS not just on a regular non modded xbox, but also on an already softmodded one that uses Rocky's mod tools disk v1.8, then stop showing that version BIOS in the damn tutorials. Coincidentally, it wouldn't surprise me, that is the reason the DVD drive doesn't read disks from a any mod menu, is because of this BIOS Crap. Also do not start talking about KERNELS either unless anyone can show how to change both on both an OG non modded xbox and a fully soft modded one with an upgraded 2tb HDD then stop showing it.

3. The final thing that irritates the piss out of me is how the so called art work for XBOX games is also fake. There is no way to get what is shown in the tutorials on youtube onto XBMC4gamers. I know I have that dashboard and it's impossible to even figure anything out with it. There is no tutorial anywhere that has anyone showing how any of this stuff is put onto the system. There are tons of step by step videos on modding, not a single one with step by step showing anything with the apps and dashboards. The dashboard is pointless when all the stuff it's supposed to do cannot be sued because no one bothers to make a simple to follow video tutorial for both auto and manual installation.

This whole thing is fucking annoying as shit
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