Softmod with ide to sata

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Softmod with ide to sata

Post by MrAljelja » Fri Apr 03, 2020 10:57 am

Hello,I dont know anything about og xbox softmodding.I am trying to softmod xbox with ide to sata adapter.I tried different methods but it was just failure.Then i realized that my drive was locked.I tried 3 methods for hot swaping so far and none of those methods work.I have msi a320m-pro with amd athlon 240 ge.My xbox is 1.6 revision with 10gb segate drive ST310014ACE.I also tried using xboxhdm,burned the cd,puted it in the dvd drive,but when i went to type xbrowse it said cd couldnt be found.Xbox hdd shows in windows disk management as non initialized.

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Re: Softmod with ide to sata

Post by Coldly-Indifferent » Fri Apr 03, 2020 4:27 pm

All normal behaviour.

The Xbox HDD and MB are locked together via an eeprom, effectively an key code and although it is possible to hot swap and build a new softmodded HDD using XBHDM USB it is risky.

No burned disc is going to boot on an unmodded Xbox and no HDD, even if unlocked, formatted to FATX is readable using Windows unless you use a program like Xplorer360. Even then it is very difficult to get that particular program to see a FATX HDD.

The preferred softmodding method is to use a FATX formatted flash drive (must be <4GB) to install game save exploits to the Xbox. You then run that game, activate the saves from the game's menu and install the softmod.

Exploitable games are Splinter Cell (PAL) and NTSC, 007 Agent Under Fire, Mechassault and Tony Hawks 4. These must be original discs, the correct ID (not all versions work) and correct region for your Xbox. The game save exploits are still easily found and usually included in softmod packages like Rocky5's Xbox Softmodding Tool, HeXEn and Softmod Installer Deluxe (SID).

Google Rocky5's softmod and you'll get links to plenty of YT tutorials on how to use his Xbox softmodding tool set and the basics are applicable to this method whatever tool you use. Alternatively Google Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11 or AID (Auto Installer Deluxe) PDF manual. Although in some parts outdated they're still benchmarks for clearly explaining the Xbox softmodding process and other options involved.

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