Can I reduce F: partition to increase E:?

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Can I reduce F: partition to increase E:?

Post by Dagoth_Ur »

Hi everyone, my xbox is close to finished, but I've just realized 5GB on E probably isn't enough space. I have a 1.6 xbox with open xenium chip and Evox M8 Plus 16 BIOS. 2TB HDD was installed.

Question - If I used XBpartioner 1.3, and backed up E: (saves, DLC and .wma music) and F: (which has games) could I format and resize only these 2 partitions without affecting others? So for instance, reduce 20GB in F: and increase 20GB in E: ? (then put my E and F files back without any issues?)

From what I understand:

1) E: works safely with 16kb cluster size which I believe is for sizes 16GB - 32GB, after which cluster increases to 32kb, and then enters iffy territory for what the stock MS kernel or BIOS such was made for.

2) If I format F: which is over 512GB at 64kb cluster, I'd again have to first save it with 1mb less designated memory then load back up XBpartioner and save it a 2nd time with 1mb+ designated memory (as it were in the pre-set that makes F & G take 1tb each). If not formatting G: I shouldn't need to do this again for that 1TB partition.

I wanted to be certain I have the right idea above before doing this, I know there's some more experienced modders on here. Thank you in advance.

Bonus question - If I moved all of F: part games to G: part (as they're stored on both at random), there should be no issues right? Evox looks in E:\games, F:\games, G:\games from what I understand?
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Re: Can I reduce F: partition to increase E:?

Post by Coldly-Indifferent »

The 5GB on E:\ is more than enough for what's best to be there and in some cases must be there ie. UDATA and TDATA which means the Custom Soundtracks too. With a softmod it is often, but not always, where you main dash content will be too.

There is more than enough space for all that and more.

I can only tell you what I do and that is to put my most used apps in E:\Apps (DVD2Xbox, Enigmah Region Changer, Chimp261812, ConfigMagic, XBPartioner v1.3). I also have a full AID installation which takes up several GBs of space and on some Xboxes I've also include E:\HexIns the installed version of HeXEn.

I always have E:\Backup which with both softmods and hardmods contains the original MS C:\ drive, an eeprom backup plus other stuff including with softmods a copy of the original newly softmodded E:\drive content.

Everything else goes on F:\ ie. Apps (less used), Games, Skins, Music, Pictures, Videos, Emulators, HomeBrewGames and anything else.

From the sound of it I think you're getting hung up on unnecessary details about the partitioning.

The simple answers to your questions are:-

1). Don't mess with the E:\ partitioning, its pointless. Don't mess with C:\ at all either, that should go without saying.

2). With a hardmod it depends on the BIOS you're using. The new CerBIOS has changed things but assuming you're using a 2TB HDD with an EvoxM8+, INDBios or Xecuter BIOS the rule is simple. You must split F:\ and G:\ so neither is larger than 1GiB as that is the maximum size for using 64KB clusters. This is all you need to worry about regarding Xbox partitioning with a 2TB HDD.

3). As long as the UnleashX Config.xml or XBMC (and its variants) have the location paths put in as to where to look for Apps, Emulators, Games or whatever you want you can have multiple folders on E:\ and/or F:\ and/or G:\ and the main menu items will incorporate everything from all those locations under the Apps, Games, Emulators menu entries.

You can customise the UnleashX Config.xml to add new menu items and locations eg. as I have done: HomeBrewGames but you must be careful when editing the Config.xml because if you make a mistake with the syntax you can get yourself in a lot of trouble.

I always suggest installing a test main dash mirror as an app and trying out any Config.xml edits and customised skins.xml on that first before applying it to the real primary dashboard.
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