[Release]XBlast OS v0.55

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[Release]XBlast OS v0.55

Post by psyko_chewbacca »

New XBlast OS update. Not much new stuff from a user standpoint but it does include neat features in case things go bad.

Here's the changelog:
-Fixed quickboot.
-Hide "Restore EEPROM from modchip" menu entry if no valid EEPROM backup found
-Optimized 2bl size and execution speed
-Added recovery in 2bl in case of bad OS flash (XBlast compatible devices only)
-Added reset XBlast OS settings on boot with controller button combination(RT, LT, X, Y)

Important information concerning XBlast OS v0.55 update.

Your XBlast device (XBlast Lite or Aladdin XBlast) will need to already be at version v0.50 in order to apply v0.55. Trying to apply v0.55 update when running a version XBlast OS older than v0.50 will result in it identifying the update image as invalid. This is due to the significant changes made in update integrity checks introduced in v0.50. The link to the download page provided below hosts v0.50 as well.

Starting with v0.55, XBlast OS integrates a recovery method that will reset all Xblast OS settings to their defaults on launch. To trigger the recovery, you must hold Right trigger, Left trigger, X button and Y button all at the same time on the controller at console boot or on XBE launch. If successful, the front LED panel will start flashing red/orange just before the Main menu screen appears. As always, to actually persist the default settings, you must either boot a BIOS bank or select "Power OFF" or "Reboot" menu items in XBlast OS. Simply powering off the console via the power button will revert to your previous settings on next boot. Unfortunately, to make sure this feature will work with 1.0 Xbox, boot times have been increased by 0.75 seconds.

Also starting with v0.55. XBlast OS integrates a recovery mechanism in the unlikely event of an interrupted OS update. If such event was to occur, XBlast OS would default to booting the 512KB BIOS bank to allow you to retry updating the OS via the XBE version of XBlast OS. That's why, starting with v0.55, it is strongly suggested to always ensure your Xbox can fully boot from the 512KB BIOS bank before attempting a future OS update. This makes XBlast modchip virtually unbrickable, providing you can boot off the 512KB bank and the failure isn't caused by hardware failure. Obviously, this feature is only possible on XBlast compatible devices, the XBlast Lite and the Aladdin XBlast.

Here's the download page:
https://bitbucket.org/psyko_chewbacca/l ... downloads/

On a side note. I usually post my releases on AssemblerGames forums but as some of you may know. It's been down for quite some time now. If you didn't already know, the forums are supposedly a couple of days away from coming back up! You can check the status on the official subreddit /r/assemblergames.
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