Surreal64CE B6.0 - N64 Emulators & Plugins Ideas

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Surreal64CE B6.0 - N64 Emulators & Plugins Ideas

Post by inukaze » Tue Nov 10, 2015 5:38 am

Hi there . i am testing "Surreal64CE B6.0" and well i got and used Xbox .

I should ask : Exist just one model of the console or more ? , if exist various models , someone can tell me the models to find information about that , please .

I try to register and post in that post about that emulator , but i never recieved the email for that ¬¬ in ... mu-update/

well , i post here :

Why the emulator based on lastest mupen64 or mupen64k and mupen64plus 1.99 / 2.00
and why not have the video plugins : glide64 glide64mk2 gl64 arachnoid z64

and got and idea but surely most people ever considerate stupid make an database for this type of things for example an Open Online Docuement for upload to information about xbox for example

1 - Emulator use
2 - VideoPlugin Use
3 - Audio Plugin Use
4 - RSP Plugin Use
5 - Specific configuration for specific emulator used to play most closer to real N64 , and with with ROM & Version using the Checksum Info for reduce the problem with rom custom names . this is very used in M64Py ( mupen64plus front-end make it in python for identify roms using CRC Info code )

And if posible add a saved specific configuration and emulator , just for press A and load that preconfigured rom with specific configuration :D , aparte if posible too , upload to a server , to anothers can download it :D

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